Do Our Tears Sadden Our Children In Heaven?

When I heard the following EVP  it made me realize that my tears could have an impact on my son in heaven.  My grief wasn’t fresh at this point,  but deep down I felt that if I let go of my grieving,  and tried to live my life again,  maybe find happiness,  that I would be betraying my son.   
I wanted my son to be at peace,  not feeling sorrow from my tears.    I couldn’t change the fact that my son was now in heaven,  but if my bouts of crying sadden my son too,  I wanted to do something about that –  I wanted to make an effort to ease my son’s sadness while still processing my own grief. 
 For me,   I decided I was going to give myself permission to feel something besides grief.   I was going to find a way to enjoying those moments were something would make me want to smile again,  and maybe,  even feel a second or two of fleeting happiness.  If my tears could sadden my son,  surly he could feel those fleeting moments of happiness from me too, and perhaps,   even smile with me.  
In my recording I hear a spirit say,
‘ Can’t help but hurt when y’all crying. . . Robbie

Sharon Fay