A Christmas Gift from Beyond

For Christmas I asked for a little gift from my son in spirit. If possible, just a simple request that he make some sort of sound to let me know that he was around for the holidays.

Later in the evening on Christmas Day, my husband and I, along with our two dogs, were relaxing in the family room when we suddenly heard what sounded like a balloon popping. Surprised, we both immediately looked in the direction the sound came from, which was to our right and approximately 10 feet from where we were sitting. Then just as quickly, we turned and looked at each other with expressions that asked, “did you hear that?” There was no doubt our Lab heard the sound too. He hates the sound of popping balloons and was making a beeline for my lap.

Curious I got up to investigate. I checked all around the house for anything that could have made any type of popping sound. I couldn’t find any logical explanation for the noise. At this point I became hopeful that it was a message from my son, so I decided to turn my recorder on and ask Kyle about the noise. I was very pleased to hear him respond with the following message,

Kyle made a big pop

Sharon Fay