My Story

Everyone will experience loss.  The natural order is that time will dictate the generational losses that we witness,  most often starting at a young age.  If we are lucky,  we can remember great grandparents before they pass.  Then grandparents, aunts and uncles . . .parents, and late in life even our siblings will cross over.  They all are a part of the fabric that help mold our personalities, life experiences and memories.

What we can never prepare for . . . . is experiencing the loss of a child.

A Sheriff Deputy and Coroner stood in our doorway early one morning and explained what had occurred that caused the loss of our 22 year old son.  After that moment,  time immediately stopped and was followed by a palpable darkness that grabbed me by the heart and threatened to take me into the abyss.  It felt like I was holding onto my sanity by my fingertips.   From the moment I awoke,  reminders of this profound loss were everywhere I looked.  I struggled to function and make it through each day.  If you are lucky,  you have a strong support network that can assist with your grieving and recovery.  Me – not so much.

I believe my son knew not only the isolation I was experiencing but also the deep pain in my heart – that to a certain extent I felt would follow me for the rest of my life.   This might explain why I found myself lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a phenomenal gift. Nine months after my son’s passing,  he left a message on our home answering machine letting me know that he was “alive!”   Don’t ask me how or why this happened, but it was all I needed to change my outlook on life.  It was my life preserver that I held onto and the beginning of my assent out of the darkness.

After my heavenly phone message,  I set out to study this marvel called “Electronic Voice Phenomena”  or better known as “EVPs.”   This is the phenomenon of communicating with the dead through electronic devices.  This site is my way of educating parents, particularly curious mothers like myself, to explore their own ability to seek communications with a child or loved one if they so desire.  For those not interested in recording,  I will post EVPs on this site in the hopes of recording messages that I can relay to a parent from their child.  Requests for messages can be made through the contact form.  I am not seeking any accolades or monetary reward.   That’s not what this is about.   I am here to help you explore the possibilities of after death communication and in the process,  hopefully ease some your grief associated with the loss of a child.

Sharon Fay


This website is dedicated in loving memory of my son Kyle