About This Site

I am not here to debate the scientific certainty of  After Death Communication (ADC) or to argue religious beliefs.   I am here merely to share what I have learned through trial and error from my own research of ADC over the past several years since my son’s passing.

During my lifetime I’ve danced to the beat of my own drum and embraced spirituality, the belief of a loving God and the afterlife.    I  have had some unique experiences (along with my beliefs) that I feel prepared me to withstand the overwhelming darkness that descended upon me after the loss of my son.  Sometimes I look back at this lifetime and think that the forces that have shaped my thinking were purposeful in putting me in this position.  I am still a grieving mom and recognize that I always will be.  However, today is a brighter day as I’m now armed with messages of love from my son obtained through after death communication.

There are many ways in which those in spirit can make contact with the living.   Dreams are a more commonly accepted form of  ADC, but just one of several ways in which spirit can reach out to those they love.     On this site I  will focus primarily on Electronic Voice Phenomena, known as EVPs ~ which is the use of electronic devices to communicate with those in spirit.  A phenomenon that I have been studying and working with ever since I received a message on our answering machine from my son nine months after his passing.

It is my hope that you too can experience firsthand the special feeling you can attain from knowing in your heart that your spirit child is in a wonderful place and that they are still with you, sending you love and watching over you .   It is now my quest to bring attention to after death communication.   In doing so,  it may just bring those parents who are open to the idea of  ADC and EVPs,  some comfort and ease their grief associated with the loss of a child.  I feel an affinity toward grieving parents because I know it is our instinct, our desire,  to know that a child that has crossed over is okay,   and to have just one more chance to tell them that we love them.

It’s cliché, but if I can help ease just one parent’s pain from the loss of a child . . .it makes all my research worth it.  If you are interested in learning about EVP messages,  please get in touch with me using the contact form on this site.

Sharon Fay