Background Sounds for EVPs

When recording for EVPs, it is often helpful to use some sort of background sound to help facilitate speech. Can you record EVPs with just a recorder and without any notable background sounds? Yes, it’s possible, but communication seems to flow easier the more you give spirit to work with.

Sounds in your surroundings can be helpful with spirit communication. Common sounds include wind, fan, water, light brushing sounds, animal sounds, location noise such as traffic, clothes dryer sounds, drip coffee maker, etc.

In some cases, you may already notice a hissing, humming or staticky sound in your recordings. These sound can be from the recorder or microphone itself, or from low volume ambient sounds present in the room, such as the refrigerator, computer, or other electrical devices. Any type of sound in your surroundings can be useful for spirit communication – as long as the sound isn’t too loud.

Spirits can also make use of vocal type background sounds to communicate too. Types of vocal sounds used are gibberish, babble, a foreign language that is incomprehensible to you , reversed speech, and crowd murmur. What is most important when using vocals to help with spirit communication is that there should not be any discernible words in your background source. The more discernible the words, the higher the probability for false/positive results.

Below, I’ll share four sample tests using various background sounds to give you an idea how spirit sounds using different background sources to communicate.

Test 1 – Non Vocal

In this recording I used the pre-recorded sounds of a drip coffee maker. Then, I changed the sound a bit using audio editing software. I diced up the water sounds into fragments and also increased the speed.

In my test spirit responded by saying, ‘ We came to test you. It’s working ‘.

Test 2 – With Vocals

In this next test I used a crowd murmur video from YouTube. I recorded some of the audio to make sure I didn’t hear any audible words. Then, using audio editing software, I did some filtering of the sound, which created a bubbly type noise.

During my test, a voice came through and said, ‘ That’s definitely it ‘. ~I would say that was two thumbs up for this method!

Test 3 – With Vocals

In this recording I use speech sounds (allophone) played in reverse. Spirit did not seem as enthusiastic about this type of background sound. I hear a response of, ‘ Very awkward and eerie

Test 4 – Non Vocal

In this next test, I used a file I have been working with for a couple years. I had recorded various sounds that I liked from videos on Youtube. I used audio editing software to edit the sounds to my liking and then diced the file into fragments.

In this test I can be heard saying to my son, ‘ Quick test. What did you like best?’ ( regarding the previous 3 backgrounds sound)

I then go on to ask,’ Or do you prefer to stick this out’ , ( I meant, stick with this background source.)

In this recording I hear a response from my son of , ‘ I love this‘.

Or a more simple method . . .

If creating, or figuring out what type of background source to use sounds a bit overwhelming or too time consuming for you at this time, check out, EVP Recorded Using a Smart-Phone, for a simpler method where I used my smartphone to record while driving in light rain. Tip: It may be helpful to give spirit an idea of how long you intend to record. Let spirit know that you’ll turn the recorder on at the next red light, and off again at the following red light – it’s also safer this way instead of fumbling for the recorder while driving. 🙂

Sharon Fay