Butt-dials and EVPs

Last summer, my son showed me that he can leave a message in the sound created from pocket dials, also known as butt-dials, when the call goes to voicemail.

Butt-dials are unintentional mobile phone calls, that often create garbled and strange sounds for the receiving party. Interestingly, those unintelligible sounds can be very similar to what some EVP practitioners use as background noise to help facilitate communication with spirit through electronic voice phenomena. (Background noise is useful when recording messages from spirit, as it gives the entities sounds to manipulate into audible words)

But how, you might ask, am I able to tell the difference between a typical butt-dial and one where my deceased son is trying to make contact? Well, in my case, my son Kyle came through with the word butthead immediately after saying his name. “Butthead”, typically a derogatory word, is actually a quirky term of endearment used in our family. This word has history with Kyle regarding how it eventually evolved into an affectionate expression in our household and it’s also used in the correct context in the voicemail. Since my son has crossed over, that unusual endearment term has become his way of validating his presence when he communicates with me through electronic voice phenomena. ~ Never did I think that ‘butthead’ would become one of my favorite words in the world to hear! lol!

In the following message I hear:

“Kyle. That was Butthead. Kyle speak. I can call your phone. It’s Kyle calling.”

Sharon Fay