Calling Heaven

Electronic Voice Phenomena ( EVPs ) is the terminology we use to describe the process of recording transcendental voices, not heard in real time, with the use of electronic devices.

Interestingly enough, my son in spirit typically refers to my EVP recording sessions as, ‘phone calls’. Or he will say, ‘mom’s calling’. Sometimes when I’ve been pestering him for too long during a recording session, he will even tell me to, ‘hang up’ lol!

I use to find it curious that the spirit world would use similar telephone terminology to describe their communication process with our world. Then I decided to look up the definition of ‘ telephone’ in the dictionary and it made a little more sense to me.

‘Telephone’. an instrument for reproducing sounds at a distance. specificallyone in which sound is converted into electrical impulses for transmission

Now I find myself wondering what type of instruments the spirit world uses to connect with us. I haven’t received any detailed information regarding their equipment, but, I have, like many other EVP practitioners, heard those in spirit refer to an entity called the ‘Technician’. These Technicians, often noted for their somewhat unique sounding voices which can sometimes sound robotic-like, seem to help facilitate communication between the two dimensions.

Recently, at the start of a recording session, I recorded an EVP that was very clear, and had that robotic like voice. What was intriguing was that the spirit said, ‘ Sensing Phone Calling ‘. – Very interestingly that the call was being ‘ sensed ‘. Perhaps a little hint at how things work in their dimension.

I do believe the spirit speaking may have been a Technician announcing my desire to make contact, and connecting me. This makes me think of the switchboard operators from years gone by – but, I do believe the Technician’s job is much more complicated than that.

“Sensing Phone Calling”

My son, Kyle, who enjoys our connection through EVPs, comes through a bit later and responds with,

“I love Earth calling. Awesome”

Sharon Fay