Can Spirits Exert Negative Influences on the Living?

Spirit attachment and possession is a pretty scary subject for most, and a big concern for those just starting out recording EVPs.   From my experience thus far recording EVPs,  the spirits tell me that dangerous entities do exist.   They do not call these entities by any specific names.   My spirit contacts only tell me what I need to know, not enough to scare me, but enough to let me know to be careful.

For that reason I only record for the highest good.  Always surrounding myself in white light and saying my protection prayers prior to recording.   I send love and respect to all spirits that I speak too –  even the occasional spirit that stops by to make snide remarks.  I also believe that like attracts like.  Which is why I highly recommend never recording when you are in a negative mood.   This doesn’t ensure that you will never receive negative commentary during your recording session,  but it does seem to lessen the chances immensely.  Remember too,  fear is also a negative emotion.  Fear can attract to you spirits that aren’t necessary malicious,  but may want to have a little fun at your expense.

Just like there are people on earth with different personalities, there are spirits with different personalities too.   Some kind,  and others, not so much.   These unkind spirits aren’t necessarily evil spirits,  they are often referred to in the community as ‘ troublemakers ‘  and by other such names.  Some of these so-called ‘troublemaker’  spirits have admitted to me that they do enjoy ‘smack talk’.   That is to say,  they enjoy saying and speaking of things with the hopes of irritating,  scaring  or annoying a person.

It is never a good idea to try to provoke any spirits.   It you can’t record with respect in love and light,  then you shouldn’t be recording.   But, it you do decide to provoke spirits,  call on dark and troubled souls,  or dabble in darker arts,  know that if you play with fire,  you just may get burned one day.   I personally believe that possession is possible,  but rare,  and I choose not to play with fire to attract those type of entities to find out otherwise.

I do feel that spirits attachments are much more common.  A spirit attachment can influence or augment a particular trait of a person.  Sometimes for the better,  but they can amplify negative traits too.  Mickey,  Medium Leslie Flint’s constant spirit companion,   explains this subject in the following video.



Sharon Fay