Deadpan Humor

The deceased definitely keep their sense of humor, that’s for sure! Many times their wit is conveyed with no emotional tone and their quips can come through sounding quite serious, but in fact, the spirits are simply wisecracking, having some fun, and joking around. This type of comedic delivery is often referred to as Deadpan Humor ~ Yes, that pun was intended!

One day, during a recording session, I was experimenting with white noise as a background source to help spirit facilitate communication. Upon playback of the audio I heard a voice say, “Don’t look at my ass”! 🤣 I knew immediately that a spirit friend was coming through and teasing me. He really had me laughing. Then shortly after sharing my amusing recording with some friends, I was shown a funny little comic strip where the creator illustrated a humorous “fact” about ghost butts! We all had a chuckle at how well the audio and comic fit together.

Don’t look at my ASS

Sharon Fay