Direct Communication

Over the past several years I have had the honor of recording electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) messages for many bereaved parents. I still record messages as time permits, but of late, I have decreased the number of monthly recording sessions I do for various reasons, including the desire to focus on some growing projects.

One of the projects I am currently working on is direct communication. What is the difference between direct communication and EVPs? Well, the interesting thing about EVPs is that the spirit “voices” are not heard during the recording session. It is only upon review of a recording that the voices are discovered. With direct communication spirits can be heard during the session, which allows for some back and forth communication. Our goal is to achieve communication somewhat similar to a twoway communication system, such as a telephone or what one would hear with a two way radio.

Hearing real time communication is a much coveted experience with spirit and I’m very enthusiastic about my research. This type of correspondence takes much attention and energy from myself, my work with my son in spirit, and my friends of the light. Our communication started out with just an occasional word heard live, and we have methodically developed from there. Hopefully, one day in the future my spirit friends and I will be at the point where our real time communication is consistent enough that we can relay messages for the bereaved upon request. But, for now we are still developing this technique through much work, patience and practice.

In the meantime, I’m excited to share a few recordings that show the progression of our work.

In the beginning of my research, I would hear just an occasional word directly. In following clip I’ll share an example where I was listening to a shortwave radio that was picking up a station in Russia. My son came through live and spoke in what I call, the “whisper yell” – It’s basically when spirits speaks in a loud whisper type voice. Speaking over the top of the background sound, my son said “Ma”, which I heard directly and clearly.

From there, will a little experimenting of background noise, we progressed to a more natural sounding voice and the ability to hear a couple more words in real time. In this clip, I hear my son say, “Loving Mom”, and I respond with “Loving Kyle”. Immediately after I speak, my son can also be heard confirming it’s him by saying his name.

In this clip I can be heard calling to my son. He responds with, “Hi Mom”. I responds back telling him I love him and sending big hugs. My son responds back by saying “Big fat hugs”, which he is sending back to me.

In this clip some of my son’s friends in spirit, who are very loving and kind, start to come through in real time too. The background sounds used to facilitate speech was just a cacophony of noise, yet they were able to turn those sounds into audible words heard in real time . Here they can be heard saying to me, “We give Kyle’s mom big hugs”. I responds back with, “Hugs . . big hugs lots of love to you all”.

With this recording, it’s easy to tell how we have progressed from the occasional words heard directly to more of a two way communication. In this clip I hear someone say, “Phillip”. I respond with, “Phillip?” Then I hear a male say, “Yes, this is Phillip”. I ask Phillip if he has a message, and he responds with, “Yes, I’m at peace!”

Sharon Fay