Drink Bourbon

My husband is a bourbon lover.  Our two sons knew that and for his Christmas gift in 2010 they purchased for him a difficult to procure bottle of 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle.  A coveted bottle of bourbon to be sure.  My husband loves his bourbon, but he never consumes it at home. He only sips it in the confines of his office at work.  Even then, as he puts it, only after the week was nearly over and post 3 pm on a Friday. In a glass he would drop in some cubes along with a couple fingers of Woodford and most often just sit back to reflect on the week’s hits and misses (he’s in sales).

This past Friday, at about 2pm like most Fridays, I did a recording session in hopes of receiving EVP messages from our son.  That’s our day to focus on messages between the two of us, to practice new techniques and to sharpen my skills as an EVP practitioner.  This day I received a very clear message –  “drink bourbon”. 

Covid-19 has placed my husband into our home office to work remotely and this Friday afternoon I knew just where to find him.  I walked into the office and sure enough he was sitting there with a freshly poured glass of bourbon sitting on his desk.  Understand that in our 34 years marriage I had seen him drink bourbon in that setting only once before.  This was a resounding confirmation that our son was still around us.  After telling my husband what I had just recorded and having him listen to that EVP himself, his heart warmed up like his stomach…that now contained a few sips of his beloved drink.

Incidentally, that bottle of 23 year Pappy remains unopened and today represents his most prized possession.

“Drink Bourbon”

Sharon Fay