What Are EVPs?

EVPs, short for Electronic Voice Phenomena, is the occurrence of discarnate voices that appear on audio recordings. The voices are not typically audible at the time of the recording, but are heard upon review of the audio.

How this amazing phenomenon works is anyone’s guess. Of course there are lots of theories, but what most EVP researchers can agree upon is that somehow Spirit is capable of manipulating sound to create a voice. Sometimes the voice may sound similar to the deceased person’s earthly voice. But, often the voices takes on the characteristics of the sounds used to facilitate communication. So, voices may sound soft and whispery, younger, older, androgynous, higher pitched, or lower in tone, robotic, or even with a harsh tone that I often refer to as, “the loud whisper”.

EVP practitioners with the help of their spirit communicators have determined that background noise is quite helpful in facilitating communication. Sometimes Spirit will work with the practitioner giving their opinion on what type of sound they prefer to work with.

All sorts of background sounds can be used to help spirit facilitate communication. White noise, radio static, or ambient sounds. A very popular background sound source is pre- recorded babbling vocals that contain zero audible words. Which when done accurately, can produce some pretty cool results. Yes, those in spirit can communicate without the use of background noise, but typically the voices will come through softer, whispery and the communication will generally be just a few short words.

A Brief History of EVP Pioneers

In the early 1950’s two priest recording Gregorian chants were having a difficult time with their recording device which used a thin wire to create a magnetic recording. Wire recorders could, at times, be troublesome since the wire had a tendency to break – which was the problem the priest were experiencing that day. Finally out of frustration, one of the priest, Father Gemelli, looked to the heavens and asked his father for help. Later, upon playback of their recording both priest were astonished to hear a voice similar to Gemelli’s father’s replying, “Of course I shall help you. I’m always with you.”

In the late 1950’s , Friedrich Jürgenson was looking forward to recording birdsongs at his secluded property in the country. Upon review of one of his evening recording sessions, Friedrich heard a man speaking Norwegian and talking about “bird songs at night”. Friedrich was puzzled by the random voice that appeared on his recording. Curious about the origin of the voice he continued recording hoping to discover the source of the mysterious voices. In time, after recording more voices, including that of his mother, it became apparent to Friedrich that the messages in his recording were not some random radio signals but personal messages meant just for him from deceased loved ones.  Jürgenson’s experiences led to a life long passion recording EVP messages, public appearances, and authoring books, such as, Voice Transmissions.

By the mid 1960’s Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist, eventually became intrigued by Friedrich Jürgenson’s work and attempted to record EVP messages too. Initially a skeptic, Raudive began recording voices too and with the help of various electronic experts under what he referred to as “strict laboratory conditions”, he recorded thousands of messages and spent much of the last decade of his life exploring EVP communication.

Sarah Estep longed to know the truth about life after death and started researching the subject. In the 70’s Sarah came across a book by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder entitled, Handbook of Psi Discoveries. The book devoted just two chapters to electronic voice phenomena, but that was enough to pique Sarah’s interest. Collecting the basic items needed to record messages, headphones, a microphone and an old reel to reel recorder, Sarah began experimenting. Six days into recording Sarah asked, “What is your world like?” Upon playback of her recording session Sarah heard her first response, a voice said, “Beauty”. Curious if she had really made contact with another dimension Sarah continued recording and researching electronic voice phenomenon.

Sarah proceeded to record thousands of messages over the years including messages from deceased loved ones. Sara eventually became the founder the group, America Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP). Sara wanted to support, educate and connect with others around the world who were as curious as her about exploring the amazing phenomenon of electronic voice. She also wrote one of my favorite books on EVPs called, Voices of Eternity.

As you can see, people have become interested in EVPs through many means for decades. And all believe they are speaking to deceased people, and from over a decade of experience myself, I concur. My message from my son became the catalyst that started my journey into exploring electronic voice phenomenon. Not only have I heard from my son and other deceased family members, but I have also recorded messages for bereaved parents too.

With the help of my departed son, and several loving Spirits I refer to as my Light Friends, I have become dedicated to researching after death communication through electronic devices. I am truly every bit as fascinated with this work today as I was years ago when my son first made contact with me shortly after his passing. Through this website, I will share some of my experiences and communication with the deceased for those interested in exploring this amazing phenomenon with me.