EVP Recorded Using A Smart Phone

Through the years,  more than one medium has mentioned that our son in spirit likes to ride in the car with us.    This might explain why on a couple of occasions the radio would suddenly,  and for no apparent reason,  change stations  ~   often to a station playing a meaningful song.

One rainy morning while driving in my car,  I decided to record for EVPs using my smartphone.     I was hoping to record something from my son to validate that he does indeed ride in the car with family members.   Because of the rain,  I felt the conditions were prefect to record without any outside interference.   My windows were rolled up and no other cars or pedestrians were insight.  The light rain pattered softly against the car and made a nice ambient background sound to help facilitate speech.

In this first unedited clip you can hear the rain and the windshield wipers in the background.   At about the one second mark in this recording,  you can hear my son say, ‘mom’ in his earth voice.

In this second recording I edited out the rain sounds so my son’s voice can be heard more clearly.

Sharon Fay