Interested In Recording EVPs?

Recording EVPs ( Electronic Voice Phenomena),  is just one of many forms of after death communication.   It is a practice that gives those in spirit “a voice” in which to communicate with.  

What is needed to record EVPs?  ~ First and foremost,  Patience and Persistence!  

Equipment Needed:

Recording Device


Optional  –   Audio Editing Software 

Computer   (to run audio editing software)

There are many recording devices available today that you can use to record EVPs.   I have successfully recorded EVPs using various digital recorders,  a video recorder,  and several different smartphones.  I often like to record on my computer using audio editing software too.  There is no need to go out and buy expensive equipment.  Work with whatever you currently have available.

It may be helpful to make a few practice recordings to familiarize yourself with some of the normal sounds in and around your home that your recording device’s microphone will pickup.   Be conscious of background noises such as a TV,  radio, or neighbors talking as they can contaminate your recording and create false/positive results. 

When recording for EVPs,  consistency works best in the beginning.   Commit to recording somewhere between 3 to 5 days a week, and at the same time and day each week.   Prior to recording, develop a little ritual of some sort that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.   Some people recite a protection prayer.  Others light a candle and meditate.  You can also play music, or sing a song.  Whatever makes you happy will work just fine!  Spirit will quickly learn that your repetitive routine is a signal that you are ready to record.  

It can also be quite beneficial to add some sort of soft, ambient background sound during a recording session to help spirit facilitate communication.   Sound sources can include white noise type sounds,  such as fan noise, water sounds,  soft static sounds or humming noise from an appliance.   Even the gurgling sounds of a coffee maker can be used.   The background sound shouldn’t be too loud – you don’t want to drown out the EVPs. 

For your first recording session,  focus on a specific person in spirit that you would like to come through.   It is your intent that will draw the attention of spirits that want to communicate.   Ask  out-loud or in your mind for a loved one to please make contact with you.   Have a few questions in mind,  and then press record on your recording device.   Ask a question,  and then wait approximately 45 seconds for a response.   Ask one or two more questions, waiting for a response between each question.    Then press stop on your recorder and end your session by thanking your loved ones for speaking with you today. 

Your first EVP session should be short.  Less than 4 minutes long.  Reviewing a longer session can quickly feel tedious.    It is generally rare to record an EVP during your first attempt or two, but it does happen!    Typically though,  it can take days,  weeks, or even months before you record your first EVP.  So don’t give up too quickly – this is where the Patience and Persistence is needed.    

Reviewing your audio with headphones or earbuds is highly recommended.  Actually,  I believe it’s a must!   Spirit voices can be soft whispers at first, especially if you are recording in silence.  I also prefer to use audio editing software to review my recordings.   Audio software , such as WavePad, which is free to use,    allows for the flexibility to hone in,  inspect and amplify specific areas of your recording with ease.   If your computer is equipped with a microphone,  you can also use the audio editing software to record for EVPs directly on your computer instead of using a separate recorder.   ( Instructions on how to use Audio Editing Software can be found on YouTube)

And that’s it!  The basics needed to get started recording EVPs.  From here, it’s all about experimenting with different background sound sources, techniques, and recording setups to see what works best for you.     

Happy Recording!

Below is an EVP I recorded on my computer using audio editing software, and with filtered noise in the background to help facilitate speech.  

I generally record most of my EVP sessions in my basement,  and sometimes it gets a little chilly down here.  One day, as I was getting ready to record,  I was rubbing my arms trying to warm myself up. 

 Upon review of my recording session,  the very first comment made was in response to my arm rubbing.   I hear,    ”  I Know – It’s Cold .” 

*Recording EVPs Is Not For Everyone

Nearly anyone can record EVPs, though, not everyone should. Mentally, you need to be in a stable place before attempting to record EVPs. People easily offended may want to think twice about recording EVPs because occasionally, those in spirit can be quite blunt, sometimes even rude. Recording EVPs is not recommended for highly suggestible people. Nor for people who tend to detect meaningful speech patterns in ambiguous sounds, as recording EVPs can sometimes heighten this ability and cause distress.

Can opening yourself up to spirit communication through EVP recordings attract spirits into your home? Absolutely. Do not record if you are fearful. It’s not advisable because of the stress it might cause.

Sharon Fay