Do You think It’s Possible to Astral Travel While in a Coma?

I have always wondered if a person in a coma is capable of having an out of body experience (OBE). Can a comatose patient visit loved ones, or explore the spiritual realms while in their unconscious state? I’ve always hoped this was the case vs being confined to their body.

Some people that have woken up from a deep state of prolonged unconsciousness do recall astounding journeys, including visitations to a place they call heaven. Unfortunately, skeptics are quick to call these experiences nothing more than hallucinations, but . . . are they?

In the following EVP, I hear what sounds like, ‘This is Jeff. I’m in a coma’. This leads me to believe that we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss a person’s experience while comatose. Perhaps one’s soul really is capable of separating from the physical body and travelling throughout the universe while unconscious!

Sharon Fay