Life’s The Whole Beach

I like it when spirit gives me a bit of wisdom to reflect on. Recently my son came through and told me that, “Life’s the whole beach”, and the meaning instantly resonated with me. We all want that flawless day at the beach. Something about a pristine sandy seashore, on a sunshiny day, warm weather, a gentle breeze, and waves slowing rolling up to the shore. A perfect day at the beach is blissful and can feel rejuvenating to the soul. But in life, the sun doesn’t always shine at the beach. Some days are rainy with ominous thunder and lightning and the wave can become intense or even dangerous.

But we all know that stormy days at the beach don’t last forever. The bad weather will pass, and the sun will soon shine again. And that sums up life too. Through our journey as human beings, we have our good days, bad days and days that can bring us to our knees. During difficult times, it’s helpful to stay positive knowing the sun will shine again.

I think this will be my mantra for the new year!

Life’s the whole beach

Update: Now, late in February, when I’m concerned about things going on in the world, my son is bringing up his beach analogy. In response to my worries, my son says, “That is life’s events”. Followed by, “Walking on the beach”. A definite reminder of this year’s mantra.

That is life’s events”

“Walking on the beach”

Sharon Fay