Light Friends

My “Friends of the Light“, are my spirit friends that I speak to often through EVPs. I often refer to them as my “Light Friends”, and they identify themselves to me that way also. They are very kind and loving spirits.

Recently a spirit friend came through and mentioned that he loves my radiancy. I do feel that our human energy field reflects our ‘vibes’, good or bad, and that this energy presents as lights that surrounds our body and can be seen and felt by the intuitive and highly aware. People often refer to this energy as, auras – Which are defined as: “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

Perhaps this was the basis of my spirit friend’s comment, he was describing the lights he sees/feels around me. For me, this makes his comment about my radiancy a very special and kind compliment!

In the following message , before I speak I hear, “I Love her radiancy” Then I greet my friends, and nearly as I’m finishing speaking, my son identifies the speaker as one of my “Light Friends”.

Sharon Fay