Mom, This is Boring

I really love this message. My husband and I took a trip pre-Covid to Washington, DC, and while there we explored many of the museums. Most of the museums were great and full of wonderful exhibits. But one in particular that we visited, didn’t seem as crowded as the rest. To be honest, it was nearly empty of visitors, and it soon became apparent why . . .it was shall we say, a bit ho hum.

At one point I decided to take a break by an indoor water fountain and found the acoustics of the room quite interesting. The sound characteristics of the room created by the waterfall and a high ceiling seemed like an interesting spot to record a few EVPs messages – and since the area was empty with no one around me, I took advantage of the opportunity.

What I recorded had me not only chuckling, but I also found it very endearing. My son took the opportunity to come through to let me know that he was with us on our little trip to the museum and he found it as uninspiring as we did! His message was short and to the point, “Mom, this is boring“!

Sharon Fay