Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. Typically a joyous celebration honoring motherhood.  But, for moms with an angel child,  the day is often bittersweet at best,  and sometimes,  downright painful.

Family members mean well, but are often at a loss for words during this holiday.  Especially if a mom is celebrating the love of her living children along with the love and remembrance of an angel child.  Friends and family wonder if they should acknowledge the loss, but they often don’t in fear of upsetting a bereaved mom.  What could possibly be said to ease a mom’s heartache?  This awkwardness can be distressing and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

  Grief is such a personal journey.  Words and actions that may comfort one mom,  may not bring solace to another.  Sometimes it is best just to ask a mom how she is feeling and let her guide the conversation from there.

Even though I have an angel in heaven also,  I myself am often at a loss for words when speaking to a bereaved mom during this holiday too.  The best way I know how to help a bereaved mom is not through my words,  but with messages through EVPs.  

Kids of all ages that have transitioned to heaven are aware of their mother’s heavy hearts during Mother’s Day and often wish they could communicate their love.   Sometimes those in spirit will look for an EVP practitioner to give them a voice, perhaps with the glimmer of hope that the message may one day find its way to their mom.

Below I like to share a few of the random messages to moms I have received from spirit over the years.

Love you. Hi mom.
I love you, Chris. Hi mom.
Alan. I love my mom
Hey mom. Love Oscar
Ma, good morning. I love you
Mama. From Canada. Hugs
Mom, loving from Owen
Felix and Adam. Hi mom
Patrick’s mom’s hurting. I hug ya
Mom, pretend that I’m hugging you
Happy Mother’s Day. Yes, be happy. Hi mom
Love you mom – (Heard in real time from my son)
Sharon Fay