Phone Calls From Heaven ~ My Journey Exploring Electronic Voice Phenomena

Over a decade ago, if someone had asked me if I could one day see myself communicating with a deceased loved one,  I would have shrugged and said,  “unimaginable”.   But,  life changes.  And sometimes these changes occur in the blink of an eye.

That life altering moment happened for me early in September 2011, the day my world was turned upside down.  It began when a police officer knocked on our door to inform my husband and me that our son Kyle had passed away suddenly in an accident.  I was immediately numb with shock,  and the next several months were a muddled blur of depression and grief.

Nearly a year after the passing of my son,  something amazing happened.   Late one morning after coming home from running errands, I discovered a message on the answering machine.  I didn’t quite make out what was being said at first.  So,  I checked to see who had left the message and was baffled that my caller ID mysteriously showed no incoming calls. None!  Not even a private or anonymous caller was indicated.   I also found it odd that our answering machine started to cut off the last part of the message. The answering machine always continued to record for another 5 seconds or so after the caller had hung up. No calls were ever cut short.  This, along with not indicating an incoming call,  was definitely an unusual occurrence for our recording device.

Confused, but definitely curious, I listened to the words a little more carefully this time. Suddenly the message became clear to me and I was stunned when I realized I was hearing from my deceased son Kyle, nine months after his passing.  He was reaching out to his family from the afterlife to let us know that he had survived death!!

Listen as he tells us:   “Hello, this is Kyle. I’m Alive”.

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The message my son left on our answering machine is a beautiful example of After Death Communication (ADC).

To say the least,  it was very heartwarming to hear from Kyle again.  My son’s message was a turning point for me.  It really helped me cope with my grief and begin healing.  I knew from that moment on that my son would always be with our family.   Soon I decided to do what was I previously thought to be unimaginable  –  I decided to  “call ”  my son back and initiate communication.

And thus began my journey in researching and exploring Electronic Voice Phenomena,  more commonly known as  EVPs  –  which is truly an interesting occurrence where voices from the non-physical can appear on recording devices.

Through this website, please join me on my journey as I share with you the many messages I have received over the years from the deceased,  who indeed are,  very much alive!