Birthday Gift




It was my birthday and I always ask my son for a sign as a gift.   This year I asked for some sort of visual sign.   I don’t get too specific,  as that would just complicate things for my son.     I just put my intent out there and then try to stay alert to the possibilities.   This birthday though,  I thought I must have missed my son’s sign.   It was late in the evening,   starting to get dark out and still no sign.   I was disappointed,  but these things happen.

A bit later,    while my husband and I sat adjacent to the kitchen in the family room,    my husband noticed out of the corner of his eye that the oven light in our darkened kitchen  suddenly flickered on and off.   Since this was an unusual occurrence for my oven light,  I wondered if it might be my son playing with the lights letting me know that he was around for my birthday.        Excited,  I grabbed my cell phone and dashed into the kitchen with the hopes that the light would flicker on again and I could capture it on video.  As soon as I turned my video camera on, the light flickered back on and this time stayed on for several seconds before turning flickering off again.  It made perfect sense that my son would wait until dark to play with the light, as it would be most noticeable.  I’d also like to add that I haven’t had any issues with my oven light turning on and off by itself since that evening.

Our loved ones are with us on our special days,  and are often aware of everyday occurrences too.   They love it when you talk to them!   You can talk out loud if you choose,  but they can also hear you even if you have a silent conversation in your head!





After watching the video,  be sure and scroll down under the video and listen to an EVP saying “happy birthday.”




Happy Birthday





Sharon Fay