Visitation Dreams

I recall one very vivid dream of my deceased son shortly after his passing. We were uniting in what can best be described as a family gathering between dimensions. I remember seeing my son and rushing over to hug him. I actually felt his finger tips on my back as we hugged. There was just something so different about this dream. It didn’t feel like the average ordinary dream. The imagery seemed extra vibrant and beautiful. Everything I experienced felt incredibly coherent and real.

The only person I ever shared my dream with was my husband. I shared all the details with him. I described how several deceased relatives were gathering in a bright and spacious room with a high ceiling and marble floors to greet my recently departed father-in-law. All the older deceased relatives looked much younger and very healthy compared to the last time I saw them alive. It was a spectacular reunion and I felt so blessed to be involved.

Now what’s interesting about this dream is, one day while having a mediumship reading, the medium began giving me details about the visitation. The medium gave such amazing detail about my experience that there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that she was receiving information from my son about our reunion.

After this experience, I felt that visitation dreams are definitively ways in which those in spirit connect with the living. But I speculated that it may be more than just dreams. I believe our souls can actually travel during sleep to meet up with loved ones on the other side.

I few EVPs I received have helped corroborate these theories for me. In the first EVP my son tells me, “I’m part of dreams”. And in the second message I hear, “She’ll be back up to Heaven”. These two comments combined makes me consider the idea that dream visits, may actually be out of body experiences occurring during dream state..

“I’m Part of Dreams”

She’ll be back up to Heaven “

Sharon Fay