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After-Death Communication

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After Death Communication

 I received a message on my answering machine from my son, Kyle, Nine Months After He Passed!  Kyle identified himself and said, “I’m alive”.    I seriously can’t even describe the emotions I felt at the time.  My son was actually reaching out to me from heaven to let me know that he was okay!   I was in awe!

 I thought my phone message, which is referred to as,  “After Death Communication” or  simply “ADC”,  was a unique experience.   But, after speaking to many bereaved parents over the years, I realized ADC is more common than I originally thought.  

I believe our deceased loved ones send us signs to bring peace and comfort to those they left behind.  They try to get our attention through various ways to let us know they are still with us and to help soothe our grief.   It helps to become aware of spirit signs and below I’ve share some of the more common methods of ADC used by spirit to get our attention:


  • Synchronicity, such as seeing their birthdate numbers repeatedly
  • Feeling as if someone has sat or laid down beside you in bed
  • Messages on computers, phone or text
  • Sensing their presence
  • Hearing their voice
  • Feeling touched
  • Visitation dreams 
  • Smelling their scent
  • Finding coins, or feathers
  • Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) 
  • Visions, such as full-body apparitions
  • Experiencing activity such as objects moving, lights flickering
  • TV and radios, even car radios going on and off or changing stations 



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